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We love us some Johnny Depp. 
Love these moccasin booties, not just for fall/winter…great transition into spring!
From maxi about bringing back 1990’s maxi dresses with a twist??
[ Image: YoungandUkraine ]
Headbands, headbands and more colorful headbands!! Feel free to put your hair up in a chic bun or loose ponytail with a bright colored headband. 
[ Image: Adelitakelly ]
Tree Hugger. And proud of it!
[ Image: White Lilie Designs ]
Loving the whole geometrical trend of interesting shapes and designs. Finds like these in subtle or earthy toned colors adds a boho chic look to any sophistication.
[ Image: Coriumi ]
Who says you have look like a slob when working out? Try instead some elegant yoga wear to help feel that confidence grow! 
[ Image: LeMuse ]
Create your wardrobe with some bright tulip colors with dark browns and creme colored nail polish for a nice welcoming transition into spring.
[ Image: LeMuse ]
Perfect spring outfit.
[ Image Source: Polyvore ]
Love this dress and waist belt pairing. 
[ Image Source: ]
Love a good structured skirt, gives an elegance of fun and fashion.
[ Image Source: Sylvia ]
Vintage skirts with lacey tops, yummy. Should be in everyone’s closets.
[ Image Source: Sylvia ]
Boho Angel. In a sheer white baby doll dress, you could easily be one too. 
[ Image Source: Sylvia ]
What a wonderful phrase..It means no worries, for the rest of your days. Motto to live by.
[ Image Source: BunnyDimples ]
We should incorporate masks in our everyday outfits, oh the possibilities!! 
[ Image: Boho Circus ]